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We believe that extraordinary success must begin by combining the audacity of innovative thinking with the capability of powerful execution. This is not only a business concept, but the creed by which we live. The IKONIC name was chosen to reflect our dedication to being IKONIC in mindset, knowledge, network, and execution.

This name represents not only the creation, innovation, and investment of our internal team but also with the integration of our expansive and diverse community of highly influential individuals and organizations from around the world that we have brought together for the sole purpose of creating a new chapter in global education.

This ecosystem of highly successful business minds, world leaders, respected educators, and influential media figures has given us the ability to tap into local knowledge, expertise, and resources, while simultaneously adapting to different social, economic, and political environments around the world. This has provided an unparalleled opportunity for rapid growth and expansion and serves as the foundation for our long-term success. Based on decades of successful business ventures and global initiatives across a variety of sectors, and achievements in the academic industry, we could not think of a better reason to unite our collective power, knowledge, experience, and influence than the goal of empowering the next generation of future leaders and promoting social change through education.

We are ever forward-looking as we embark upon this exciting journey of creating IKONIC Education Holding to be a game changer in the world of education, empowering extraordinary individuals to make their dreams into reality.


IKONIC University is designed to equip future leaders for the world of modern business through our innovative learning platform that honors the timeless legacy of higher education while being at the forefront of new innovation and global connectivity.

IKONIC University is founded upon a firm commitment to empowering future leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators around the world – regardless of region, race, religion background, and age. We have united respected educators with elite business owners, creators, and world-renowned leaders to create a powerful teaching staff – allowing students to benefit from the knowledge and real-world experience that the most successful minds of our time have to offer.


Our Panel of World Renown Instructors

Billionaires, Astronauts, Former Prime Ministers, Famous Media Figures, and Leaders From Around the World

Our IKONIC Angel Incubator

Top Performing Graduates Will Have a Chance to Pitch Their Business Idea to our IKONIC Investment Panel

Our Innovative Learning Platform

Designed to Transform Ideas into Active and Profitable Companies

Our Extensive Global Network

Offering High Job Placement and Collaboration Opportunities for Our Graduates

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