Prof. Hassan Diab

Chairman, IKONIC Educational Holding

Former Prime Minister, Lebanon

As an individual who has dedicated more than three decades to academia, holding various roles in executive leadership across government, academic, and non-profit sectors, I have made it my life’s mission to empower young minds and bring about educational reform for the betterment of society. These fundamental principles have guided my personal and professional endeavors, and I am privileged to encounter like-minded individuals who not only share this vision but actively contribute to transformative solutions with far-reaching impact.

IKONIC University represents a remarkable collaboration of renowned leaders and educators, coming together to create an innovative learning platform that offers high-quality education to students worldwide. Through a unique ecosystem, this platform revolutionizes and expands the learning process, shaping a new chapter in modern education.

Our objective is to develop future leaders and catalysts for positive change, fostering inclusivity in societies. This endeavor necessitates a paradigm shift from the conventional higher education model to a sustainable approach that harnesses technology, ensuring interactive and personalized learning experiences of the highest standard.

It is an honor for me to be part of this initiative, and I firmly believe that together we will forge a path toward a brighter future in global education.

Board of Trustees

Prof. Hassan Diab


Former Prime Minister, Lebanon

Dr. Joseph Muscat

Deputy Chairman

Former Prime Minister, Malta

Edward Oakden


Former UK Ambassador to UAE, Jordan and Tunisia

Mario Diel

Deputy Chairman

Founder, IKAR Holdings

Global Advisory Board

Dr. Ornela Cuci

Former Deputy Minister of Tourism and Environment, Albania

Akwasi Opong Fosu

Former State Minister of Ghana

Lt. General Shokin Chauhan

PVSM, AVSM, YSM, SM and VSM, Indian Army

Alyssa Carson

First Mars Walker

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